Title: Premier League Goal 21 years standings: 1 Stoke City Manchester United match most “boring.” Contents: Premier League from its inception in 1992, there have been a total of 45 teams, in which 45 teams, Manchester United is the maximum field goals, averaging goals conceded team. Stoke City is a fan of the disaster, they have conceded per game minimum. Dec. 27 report: at the scene to watch the game, fans can have a different feeling. As for the front of the TV watching live fans, they most want to see is the goal. Premier League was founded 20 years ago, there is a team game is simply to see if they suffer, they do not say they do not score, do not let the opponent goal, they are Stoke City! Manchester United is the most refreshing team! Premier League history averaging conceded Glance December 26 Boxing Day this one open league play before, statistics show that the Premiership 21 seasons (this season in the Premiership since the establishment of the first 21 seasons) conducted a total of 8,025 games, there has been 21,090 goal. Looking back, that is, an average of 2.63 goals per game. Premiership Stoke City midfielder past 45 teams have conceded the sum of (number of goals and conceded by dividing the sum of the number of screenings) with minimal force. Stoke City played a total 170 games, 170 games which appeared in a total of only 386 goals, an average of 2.27 goals per game record in the league minimum. Offensive weakness, tough defense is Stoke City's most distinctive two labels. Moreover, as a man utd fans, you probably enjoy wearing man utd jersey 2014, this shirt is now very popular, many people love it. Well, let's continue talking about soccer news:Liverpool beat Stoke City 3-1 count, Stoke City this season, 19 goals in 18 league one hand, lost 14 balls. Pulis team six wins and 10 draws and 3 losses 28 points ranked eighth Premier League, Premiership ranked in the upper reaches such a wonderful team called because they themselves do not let the opponent does not score goals, so boring Adams Stoke City fans is simply a disaster! Stoke City 3-1 defeat to Liverpool are not counted, Stoke City in Premier League history to play a total of 170 league games, only scored 169 goals, averaging 0.99 goals, lost a total of 217 goals, averaging lost Ball 1.28. The combined goals and conceded 386 goals, 170 games played divided by their field, meaning that they match occurs only 2.27 per game ball, far below the average standard 2.63 ball. Stoke City is the most boring team, Manchester United is the most refreshing team. Red Devils 790 league games into the 1585 goals, an average of 2.01 per game, 45 teams in the Premier League, the only one field goals over 2.0 team. Manchester United lost 685 Stadium were conceded 0.87 goals, is the Premier League averaging at least the team lose the ball. 790 Premier League Manchester United, have conceded the sum of 2270 goals, averaging 2.87 goals average of 2.63 over the ball. Averaging 2.87 goals in the Premiership this season, 20 teams ranked first. Norwich (220 games 627 goals) 2.85 Ball # 2, Reading (94 games 264 goals) 2.81 Ball # 3, averaging 2.67 goals Arsenal # 7, Chelsea, averaging 2.63 goals out of 10, Manchester City games average 2.59 goals ranked 12, Liverpool, averaging 2.58 goals ranked No. 14. In short, the Manchester United game, whether it is the Red Devils goal, or opponent, in short, not lack scoring game. 2012 Boxing Day Manchester United beat Newcastle 4-3, proving once again that this truth. The ups and downs of the goals of this war, both sides in the heart of the fans is no small challenge, and neutral fans were fascinated. For Premier League fans, If you look at scoring, we might choose to watch Manchester United game. Stoke City game, is scoring less synonymous with their 170 Premier League games, with two games against Blackpool a total of only two sides into a ball, averaging 0.5 goals is the lowest. Stoke City VS Liverpool also let fans are crazy, the two teams played against nine appearances 11 goals, averaging 1.2! However, Boxing Day, Stoke City 3-1 comeback win over the Red Army, it touches rewrite this tradition.By the way,if you are interested in Premier League soccer jerseys,you may enjoy wearing man city jersey 2014, it is very popular now. Well, let's continue talking about football news tomorrow。